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The post below is my Grandad’s first response to this campaign (can I call this a campaign? Well, I’m a-gonna), which he sent to me today, by email and via my Nan. (I get a lot of things from him but as you’ll know if you’ve ever read any of my posts, I unfortunately didn’t inherit the brevity.) Please leave your comments and thoughts – here are mine…

Dear Grandad,

Thanks for the response and please thank Nan for emailing it to me.

It’s not quite true that campaigning for Labour was harder because of the economic crisis. I found it very easy to communicate Labour’s straightforward ‘Real Help Now‘ message on the doorstep and on the ‘phone – it’s quite positive to be able to tell voters something they won’t read in the paper – and also found that a lot of voters recognised what David Cameron meant when he talked about a new ‘age of austerity‘: cuts in public spending, hitting those who can least afford it.

It is true that it’s been very difficult to carry on communicating these messages since the expenses scandal hit – I was ‘phone-canvassing last night for the European elections, and even though our MEPs are of course completely uninvolved in this Westminster mess (in fact Labour Members of the European Parliament have their expenses independently audited), I’d say about 47 of the 50 people I spoke to brought up the expenses issue.

One chap I spoke to actually suggested he was going to vote Tory because of the expenses scandal. Why? Because of ‘all these Labour MPs furnishing their mansions and paying for their moats’. Oh dear. It seems the obvious anti-Labour bias of the Torygraph may have led some voters into thinking Labour MPs are the only culprits, when of course some members of all three parties are to blame – and some Tories have an especially bad attitude.

You may be right that in some constituencies people won’t vote Labour again unless the current MP goes – I know that’s true for you. You might have heard that Ben Chapman, the MP for Wirral South, is standing down at the next election: he has been a very popular local MP but he is probably considerably less well-liked after this week, so I agree that this was probably for the best.

If you’re so keen for your local Party to de-select the sitting MP, maybe you should join to influence them from within 😉

Love from



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