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Good PR?

Dear Grace,

Whoever comes up with changes to stop the greed we’ve seen from both bankers and politicians, whether it’s Brown or Cameron: something’s got to be seen to be done.

It seems as if the two-party state has got to be changed, so Proportional Representation might not be a bad idea.  
Love Grandad


A hard job made harder

Dear Grace,

It’s  you and people on the ground who I feel sorry for. Trying to convince people to vote Labour in the current economic climate is hard enough, but now, with Labour MPs and their fiddled expenses, the job is almost impossible. The only way forward is to de-select the fiddling MPs.

 Good luck with “Project Grandad”.

Love Grandad x

Grandad’s letter to his MP

Dear Sir,

I am seventy-one years old and have been a Labour supporter all my life, but after this latest farce with MPs’ expenses, I will never vote again.

I always thought it was Tories, bosses and bank executives who fiddled at the expense of ordinary working people, but now we find that the Labour MPs we elected have also got their noses in the trough.

Enough is enough. When they say it was within the rules, it makes it sound even more of a con.

Yours faithfully,

ex Labour

Ron Hackwood.

I’ve already got Grandad to promise to vote in the Euros; now help me win him back for the next General Election. Post a comment to give your reasons why my Grandad should vote Labour again.