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New and improved Project Grandad coming soon!

Hello everyone! Just so you know, Grandad and I haven’t abandoned this project altogether, and we’ve chatted a few times about the state of the Labour Party since the European elections (Grandad thinks, basically, that the BNP result is our Le Pen moment, and I’m tempted to agree – the electorate will be more likely to turn out and vote next time around now that they know it’s actually possible for the BNP to get elected, especially since Griffin’s been showing his true colours already). But I’m coming up with some ideas of how I can make the blog work better.

This Saturday I’m meeting up with a group of Labour bloggers in Manchester to discuss how we can best take forward Labour’s online campaign (if you’re about feel free to join us – have a look at the event on Facebook), so I’ll have a chat to them about what they think of Project Grandad so far and how we can use it. After that I’m going back to the Midlands for the weekend so can take it forward with the man himself as well! Watch this space…