Welcome to Project Grandad

Hello, I’m Grace, I usually blog here.

Yesterday my 71-year-old Grandad, who has been a Labour voter all his life, decided in response to the MPs’ expenses revelations that he wasn’t going to vote again.

It might not sound like a big deal, but my Grandad is the reason I got into politics, and – more importantly – he represents a core of Labour voters we just can’t afford to turn our backs on.

I got him to promise to vote Labour in the European elections on June the 4th – they’re nothing to do with his local MP, they’re arguably more important, and they’re infinitely more dangerous with the threat of the BNP – and to give me a year to convince him to vote Labour again at the General Election.

On this site I hope to do just that, with a little help from my comrades – and also to hear from core Labour voters like my Grandad on the issues that will swing the next election for them.

To kick us off, friendly Labour readers, feel free to leave a comment on why you think my Grandad should vote Labour at the next General Election, and I’ll display them at the side of the blog.


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